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Who Are we?

A small but mighty game development studio!We're a team of four well-rounded developers based in Portugal that bonded over our shared love of games and game development. With our diverse skill sets, we're able to handle every aspect of game development, from coding to design, art and sound.Despite our small size, we're dedicated to creating games that are both fun and engaging. We're passionate about every project we work on and pour our hearts into every aspect of development.
Whether we're experimenting with new gameplay mechanics, creating breathtaking visuals, or polishing a final product, we're always striving to make our games the best they can be.
We might not have the resources of a big studio (yet), but we make up for it with our determination and ingenuity.

Our projects


NOK is a cozy, relaxing, hidden object sandbox game with a unique twist: Physics! Explore, unlock and mess up various dioramas in your search for hidden objects. Collect and showcase your finds in a personal gallery, while discovering hidden secrets and interactions along the way. With no rush, take all the time you need to enjoy your favorite scenes and reveal their mysteries. NOK's simple art style and physics-driven gameplay make it a truly unique and satisfying experience.

This project is actively in development.Looking for publishers!


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